Tips for getting through airport waiting

I just want to mention a few of my favorite methods of dealing with travel stress. Indeed, with unpredictable flight times, transportation, rude TSA staff etc…. these tips are bound to help make your travel exponentially easier!

1. Plan to arrive at the airport around 2 hours prior to departure (at least 3-4 for international). This might sound excessive,  but you will be surprised how long lines can be, and how much you will come to appreciate the downtime added prior to a long flight.

2. In the event that you arrive early, and the airport isn’t super crowded; you cam definitely try walking around the various terminals to get your exercise, kill time and release some endorphins to make you even more excited about your trip. I don’t recommend browsing stores in the airport (oftentimes, they aren’t that fabulous, or they are unreasonably expensive).

3. Load up on your favorite music, reading material, and (if you are lucky), take advantage of free airport wifi. I have killed time by finishing up class assignments ahead of time.

4. Some airports have exercise equipment, as does the Philadelphia airport.

5. Don’t take it personally if TSA staff seems rude. I know this can be hard, but remember that they deal with thousands if not millions of people daily. They are very likely stressed, and flat out miserable.

6. If dealing with difficult customer service reps, it always helps to seek out management and move higher up in the chain. This works wonders in alleviating unnecessary stress caused by uncooperative customer service agents.

7. Pray for power, Pray for safety,  Pray for enjoyment, Meditate! I cannot stress enough how rejuvenating this one can be.

Happy Travels!

Autistic Travel Goddess