My love of maps!

My love of maps was inspired by my father. Everytime we went on a road trip, regardless of the reason, dad always felt the need to pick up a map. Together, we would go over the map for every little detail.

When I was 10, my parents ordered me several atlases, and encyclopedias filled to the brim with maps. I spent time looking at atlases, maps and fantasizing about all the places I will go someday.

My passion and inspiration to travel is due in part to my obsession with maps.

I remember going into my bedroom one day, and deciding to create my own island, and map. Hawaii was my special interest at the time, and since I couldn’t claim Hawaii as my own land in reality, I created none other than the Land Palamac 🙂


When did you all notice your fascination with travel and geography? What inspired it?


Autistic Travel Goddess