Boston Glory!

11742838_698998526898159_2988536706656281336_nTea Party ships museum, Navy Shipyard, Massachusetts Bay Beaches, The Boston Public Gardens, the best universities in the nation, and classic clam chowder all have made my Boston trip SPECTACULAR!

The best part was the glorious weather, and scenery of the Outskirts. There is Cape Cod beach, Martha’s Vinyard. I have had the pleasant fortune of enjoying the low key, relaxing environment of Newport, RI and its beautiful beach.

Let me just share with you how I have made this trip nothing short of AWESOME!

1. When travelling downtown, avoid the headache of closed roads, parking issues traffic congestion etc… and use Public Transportation.  I also highly recommend side taxi services such as Lyft and Uber.  These are surprisingly cheap alternatives to traditional cab fares.

I stayed in a suburb, Quincy, MA, and took the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) red line into the city. It has been my experience that this train system is efficient, and pretty convenient.  There are multiple lines,  and major stations central to downtown.

Be warned, that the rail/subway stops may not be as plentiful as you are probably used to.

2. If possible, stay in the outskirts, outside of the city if you wish to save money. By staying in Quincy, and taking the red line into Boston, I saved a boatload. Far cheaper than hotels, I used a service called AirBnB which is where locals offer to share their homes with you for a fraction of hotel prices. You can also cook your own meals more often, there by saving money  (and calories :))

3. If driving isn’t a hassle,  I ABSOLUTELY, recommend taking a drive out to Newport, RI (seaport), Cape Cod, and the various outskirts of Boston. I also took a trip to Providence. Boston, as historical as it is, is especially enhanced when you visit the surrounding towns. This is how you get the complete feel for the New England life 🙂

4. Lastly, it totally doesn’t hurt to use alternate sources for directions.  My GPS had a habit of giving me misleading directions to specific attractions in the downtown area. This has everything to do with the layout of the city, I venture to guess.

5. If academia is your thing, visiting top schools like Harvard University,  MIT, Brown University is also a MUST.

Bonus: There are WATER taxis , you heard me, boat taxis that will transport you across the harbour if you desire.

I beg of you not to miss out on the rich history of Boston, and New England as a whole. This beautiful city has too much to offer, so much to learn,  see and do. If you follow these tips and recommendations;  I promise that you will make the most out of this unique trip. You will come out on top, and have ZERO Regret.


Safe Travels,

Autistic Travel Goddess