Traveling the world through neurodiverse lens.

“Everything you ever wanted is absolutely on the opposite side of fear”- Jack Canfield

Life is a journey! Travel and explore the world, taste the exotic cuisine, discover new fashion trends and share your experiences with the rest of the world.
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About Shalese Nicole:

From a young age, I knew that I was interested in seeing the world. My special interests always included remote, exotic places: Antarctica, Greenland, Bali, Fiji and similar places. As a child and teenager, I spend hours in my bedroom looking at Atlases, creating my own imaginary maps, and writing about places of interest. Although I never cared to watch television, the only channels that would peak my interests were Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Travel Channel.

I was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. Throughout my life, it was a struggle to interact and relate socially to my peers. I found that I can relate to, and develop a connection to places that I read about. The physical characteristics of a place is what draws the connection. I recall reading my 7th grade social geography book stumbling across a picture of Mikail Gorbechov on top of a Snowy mountain in Russia. The physical science and surroundings of a place always fascinated me.

Growing up, I never quite understood why I was placed in separate classes, and treated differently. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I became painfully aware of my differences from my peers. I grew more and more curious about Autism, others like me, and forming social groups for those with Autism. Throughout my college career, I explored Autism Advocacy from all avenues. It became an investigation of my identity. I completed my entire thesis on the Social construction of Autism internationally. I was also keenly interested in studying abroad, and went to Scotland during a school trip.

I went to Washington, D.C. to lobby for laws that would benefit the Special Needs population: The Keeping Students Safe Acts, and TEAM Acts.

Combining my passion for Travel, and Autism Advocacy: I have come to call myself the Autistic Travel Goddess

My travel philosophy: Each place, in and of itself, has its own identity. Autistic people can uncover their own identities in this world that we live in. It is the Autistic Travel Goddess’s mission to help you find that place!