Atlantic Ocean vs. Pacific Ocean

I have been privileged and fortunate enough to see both major oceans of the Earth: the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

I must say, the differences are absolutely remarkable.

The Pacific Ocean appears bluer in colour, and has a ton of stones that reflect a beautiful array of colors. I am of the opinion that it is warmer than the Atlantic ocean (maybe because I was in Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach?), I had no trouble getting used to the water. This could be very well due to the Pacific ring of fire. I even had the fortune of seeing a baby seal (adorable).

The Atlantic Ocean, on the other hand, feels colder no matter how hot it is outside. It takes me longer to get used to it. Seemingly the Arctic currents circulate strongly throughout the Atlantic. This water appears greener,  and there are lots of shells on the shore varying in size and texture. I have been to Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, Cape May, Coney Island, St. Andrews in Scotland.

My favorite uses for a beach, besides the scenery:



And simple social time with friends and family

Jumping waves can actually be a more rewarding workout than it looks, and ducking under the waves can actually enhance meditation.

I prefer to go during off peak seasons to accomplish these goals when using the beach.

Let me know your favorite ocean, and activity!


Autistic Travel Goddess